Big Commuting Challenge


I smiled when I saw the person who burnt the most calories during the challenge had won a £50 veg box. I think I'd have wanted a voucher for Krispy Kreme doughnuts if I had won it.

Rides all on www.strava.com/athletes/289283

Chris will carry on Cycling after the Challenge is up as he finds it very rewarding. I will also keep on Dieting as i need another 2kgs to reach my goal.

I've really enjoyed this challenge - and thinking about alternative ways to travel. Thanks to the organisers and especially to everyone who took part. I'll miss it.

It's a shame the challenge finishes today - I was going to record car share plus park and ride to Silverstone on Sunday...

With no thanks to the silver Corsa Y415 this morning - I still have my right leg

I took my electric car over to our offices in Wales yesterday. 100 miles and no need to charge the battery in between - plenty of charge to spare, in fact. The technology really is coming on in leaps now.

Walking to meetings in the community this week - one day I needed hat, suncream and sunglasses, another umbrella, raincoat and waterproof shoes - it pays to look at the weather forecast the night before.

Cycled on Sunday with friends and a bee or wasp flew into my helmet and stung me. Woke up this morning with a very swollen forehead and nose! Still won't put me off cycling.

After cycling to work this morning I found I had forgotten my wedding ring and watch - I don't feel properly dressed without them.

Chris is doing well and the weather helps a lot.

Lee's Diet is also going well and is down from 124kgs to 112kgs.

Unfortunately the tread mill and exercise bike miles do not count in the challenge. haha

My first train journey today in ages. I enjoyed some time reading my book, it was a great way to start the day!

I'm loving this challenge. It's making me think twice about my mode of transport every day and not just for commuting, and it's making for far calmer travel and a bit of friendly competition to keep it interesting.

Completed my first month of cycling to work and my previous train journey commute seems a lifetime away. Only two days of rain so far and still enjoying the cycle route................even the hills.

Thought I was starting to struggle with improving times on Strava but this morning managed 2 new PBs for sections!

Puncture! Happy Monday. Fortunately I was just arriving at work when it happened and I can fix it at lunchtime.

Some days its 32 deg C. Some days it is miserable rain. Welcome to a British summer walk.

Not sure how to record yesterday's journeys. Two abortive walks to the railway station, trying to commute to work. The first train was cancelled and the second, an hour later, was only one coach so too full to board - what a debacle. GWR are being a nightmare the past couple of weeks with cancellations, rolling stock shortages etc. Local rail services around here are an endurance test!

Swapped the car for the train for a trip to Keynsham for a meeting today and arrived nearly a full hour early! (I couldn't abandon the car entirely, we'll need a rail connection to a certain large town in North Somerset for that to happen) Time for a cuppa and catch up on emails I think...

I've hit 85 doughnuts, aiming for at least 100. Then I plan on eating all 100 at once!

Had a volunteering challenge on the South side of Bristol (Knowle) decided to ride to it, bringing my round trip to 40 miles. Google maps is absolutely amazing, took me to the most amazing parts of Bristol to avoid the major roads.