Big Commuting Challenge


A lot cooler today!

Car share buddy off sick today so rather than take the car alone I thought i'd try the bus again. What a mistake. it was late, boiling hot (do they not have aircon?) and the driver was none to please when I gave him a £10 note. The cost was £4 for a day ticket (I only wanted a return ) , he drove off before I had sat down and it took twice as long to get into work! the worse bit is I have to go home on it again later. I hope my car share buddy gets well soon!!

Loving the cycle to work in this weather, great work out for Tough Mudder in August!

so my virtual journey and actual journey are as one. I cycle the NCN26 strawberry line to work and my "virtual" bike is in the orchards today. prompt for an icy can of Thatcher's later tonight!!. (other cider brands are available).

It's never too hot to Strava!

I often cycle along the toll road from my house to work. The views are stunning the waters were still as a pond, so peaceful!

decided to leave the car at home as my car share was off and walk to work. 8 Miles is a long way and I had not realised how long it would take in 28 degree temperature. The worse bit was having to walk home afterwards it was even hotter. perhaps I will try that again when its cooler!!! Back to car sharing today!!

took the train to Birmingham for a meeting this week I had to attend. I used split the fares and managed to save £55 on the normal fare. It is saving my car, the planet and saving my travel budget!

A roasty-toasty start to the day!

Keeping cool was the priority this morning so I swapped my cycling jersey for a running vest and took it slowly. I missed my water bottle though that I accidently left by the kitchen sink....

Took the national express to a conference in Barnstaple. It cost £15 return but 4 hours each way is a long time to be on a coach although saved a fortune in petrol

new bike back on the road. perfect morning for cycling today

Working from home on Thursday was my favourite day yet. Avoiding traffic queues in the heat, lunch in my garden and time saved travelling meant I started and finished earlier. Perfect in this hotter weather.

Took a bus for my commute today as working in the centre. Much easier to avoid the roadworks, having to park and sitting in traffic in a hot car. Found it far more relaxing and the x49 from Fishponds is very quick down the M32. Arrived early for my meeting and had time for a coffee in a cafe first.

The weather is perfect for a cycle today! Such a pleasure to ride with sunshine. It completely transforms my mood!

The return of the wind.

Lots of travelling on my bike yesterday for business meetings - Emersons Green to Filton then on to Cribbs, then over to Bradley Stoke and back to Emersons Green. 3 meetings and 17.9 miles - not bad for a days work.

So Day 2 on the "old faithful bike". My shiny new Boardman bought on bike to work scheme has damaged tyre and not replaced until Friday. Harder going but does the job. Apparently saved 14 doughnuts so far (and not eaten any either!). Looks like 11 miles into the headwind tonight - uurrghh.

A bit faster now I have replaced the cassette on the bike, great to have more than one gear!!

My cycling so far is equivalent to 15 doughnuts. That's lunch decided then!