Big Commuting Challenge


During the Challenge

This year, we're giving away LOADS of prizes!

Each week we take a different mode of travel and do a prize draw. Each journey you've made, by that mode in that week, gives you one ticket in the draw...The more you log, the more chance you have of winning!

Also, get snapping on your commute and post your pictures to the site. We'll be giving the same prizes away to whoever posts the best photo that week.

  • Week 1 - By Foot - £50 Blacks voucher
  • Week 2 - By Bike - £50 Wiggle credit or local bike shop voucher
  • Week 3 - CO2 Savers (prize draw from top 10) - £50 National Trust voucher
  • Week 4 - By Car Share - £50 Cinema Voucher
  • Week 5 - By Public Transport - £50 transport cost voucher
  • Week 6 - Committed Sustainable Traveller - A Fitbit for whoever logs the most journeys this week!

At the End of the Challenge

At the end of the Challenge we'll also be dishing out prizes for the participants who have saved the most CO2, burnt the most calories and replaced the most car journeys. Plus, the workplaces that top the leader boards in each category get to donate £100 to the charity of their choice.

Most CO2 Saved - £50 English Heritage voucher

Most Calories Burnt - £50 Veg Box

Most Car Journeys Replaced - pick the prize most suited to your new commute!

  • Monthly Bus Pass - West of England-wide
  • £100 Car Club Credit
  • £100 Wiggle Voucher
  • £100 Cotswold Outdoor Voucher
  • Fitbit

Most invites sent - £100 BuyAGift money voucher

Leader Board Topping Workplaces - £100 donation to a charity of your choice

...but wait, there's more!

Invite all your buddies, relatives, colleagues and anyone else you know to join the Challenge. We'll be doing prizes draws with five £10 Waterstones vouchers to give away each week.

Invite three or more people to be entered into that week's draw.